Spooky meaning

excitable, fiddle-footed, flighty, fluttery, high-strung, spooky definition in the English Cobuild dictionary for learners, spooky meaning explained, see also spook,spooked,spoon,spoof, English vocabulary Aug 20, 2021 · To appease these pilots, the new aircraft was officially designated the AC-47, meaning attack/ cargo. Names guaranteed to scare the pants off of you! Spooky names for Halloween and other creepy, crawly times of they year

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  1. The music was pretty spooky
  2. Definition of spooky (spookier, spookiest) in the AudioEnglish
  3. [informal] The whole place has a slightly spooky atmosphere
  4. Spooky Mea
  5. spook·y
  6. Definition of the slang term spoopy with an example
  7. 1 : relating to, resembling, or suggesting spooks
  8. Spooky is also known as Spooky Black, Corbin, and Lil Spook